About The Chamber

All businesses from Bilgola to Palm Beach should join us in creating a strong business community which can achieve great results!

The Avalon Palm Beach Business Chamber Inc. exists to assist and promote businesses in the local area, to allow relationship building between businesses and to act as a collective voice to achieve results.

We work together to accomplish collectively what we could not achieve as individual businesses.

In this way we encourage business growth and market our area as a vibrant, attractive destination.

Chamber Aims & Objectives:

  • To promote the business interests of our members.
  • To promote the economic viability of the area, so those current businesses will grow and new ones will be developed locally.
  • To further the economic development in the Avalon and Palm area bounded by postcode 2107 and 2018 and to ensure the
  • provision. of services and utilities essential for such development.
  • Encourage local and state government to consult with the Chamber on all their community based decisions.
  • To promote, support or oppose legislation or other measures affecting the business community provided that it is the general consensus of our members that we should.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of the members’ goals.
  • To pool the strengths of the business community so that together they can accomplish tasks that cannot be achieved alone.
  • To provide the business community with a common voice.
  • To ensure beautification of the area continues through proactive engagement with Council and the community.
  • To at all times remain apolitical.
  • Foster a positive community spirit.